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The fashion manufacturing business is really a very small part of the larger industry that is more correctly known as sewn product manufacturing. Terms such as fashion industry, apparel industry, clothing manufacturing, and fashion production are all part of the sewn products industry. The reason that fashion design is included is because all of these items are manufactured with the same materials, tools and processes (such as sewing machines and fabrics) as any other kind of non-apparel items like handbags, backpacks, tablecloths, baby diapers or hot air balloons. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boutique fashion designer (high or haute fashion designer); you will need to know where to find wholesale fabrics, industrial sewing machines and probably, someone who can manufacture apparel for you. By the way, if you’re looking for someone to provide production sewing services -an industrial sewing factory- you are looking for a business known as a sewing contractor.  If you have not used the term “sewing contractor” in your search, I know you have found very little information that can help you so you need to learn the correct industry terms and definitions to know where and how to look to locate what you need.

Similarly, you’ll need to find more than sewing supplies, wholesale fabric or sales representatives. You’ll need to hire businesses you probably don’t even know exist; businesses that provide services such as pattern making, pattern grading, large-scale fabric cutting, makers of buttons, thread, zippers and elastic. You may also need a laundry service, a shipper and even, someone to lend you money! But what you need first and most of all is EDUCATION because you’ll never find someone to teach you about industrial sewing (or industrial sewing methods) unless you know where and how to look.

Now, you know as well as I do that most websites exist for a business purpose -to generate sales and profit- and this one is no different. Just like you, I have to earn a living, which I do by selling a book I wrote entitled, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing. Although you may not know of it, it is often called “the industry blue book” and is highly recommended by readers and industry professionals alike. You don’t have to take my word for it; the book has 20, 5-star reviews on Amazon.com. You can read the reviews on Amazon’s site and you can read entire chapters of the book here (look under “my book”) to determine if this is what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find answers to questions you may have and please, feel free to submit your questions for my FAQ pages. One caveat: This website is not intended to replace my book (I can’t pay my bills if I give everything away for free) but it will expand, or further explain things that already are in the book. In other words, this site is a COMPANION to the book but it will not replace it. I am happy to provide additional information you need or further explanation but I will not duplicate information that is already printed in the book. After all, I sincerely doubt you’ll give me free products either so you can understand the fairness of that.

My goal is to make this site THE problem-solving resource for start-ups to medium sized companies. I sincerely hope you will find everything you need here but that will take time and I hope you’ll check in often for updates. In the interests of building a comprehensive on-site FAQ, I’d appreciate any questions you’d care to submit.

By the way, my name is Kathleen Fasanella and I am a pattern maker. To find out what a pattern maker does, use the My Book heading from the main menu to see the chapter selections and read them all but especially the section entitled Job Descriptions in Industry. When you’re finished with that, read Do You Need a Pattern Maker? followed by How to Hire a Pattern Maker. If you’re new to this, you probably don’t know that pattern makers specialize in different products just like designers do. My industrial specialty is what you may call “tailoring”; i.e. suits for men and women (we call this “sport coats”). I also make leather apparel patterns for outerwear, coats and handbags.  This type of industry specialization falls in a category known as “single-needle” because it requires the greatest of accuracy and experience in the needle-trades. Pattern makers who make these kinds of patterns must be perfect; it’s not negotiable.

In addition to pattern engineering and design, I specialize in hands-on technical education, training and consulting. I provide other services used by designers in product development such as sizing standards, size specifications (known as “rule library development”), sewing specifications, and fitting. As a factory trainer for 20+ years, I have extensive experience teaching industrial sewing, sample making, and production line sewing which is known as “process design” because I design how a product enters the production sewing process and in what steps it is constructed which ultimately determines the price and cost of sewing the item. If the cost of sewing your product is too high, you probably need to have your sewing process reorganized which usually falls in the category of production related training and troubleshooting. Similarly, I am available to teach any of these skills that you’d like to learn. Please visit my services page for more details.

A note to my colleagues: WELCOME! I’m so glad you came. I welcome your suggestions and participation. I am developing a database of service/product providers for online publication and I’d be thrilled to include you too so be sure to register. Likewise, you are encouraged to submit information/tips you feel would be of mutual benefit to visitors.

Thank you for coming and I would sincerely appreciate it if you’d tell others about this site.

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